Paris grandiose by Raul Guillermo

The photographic series Paris grandiose by Raul Guillermo shows us a different face of the City of Light.

This documental and fine arts photographer from Peru is based in Paris, France. He exposes his particular gaze through these snapshots, which reflect some nooks and everyday moments, scenes that can go unnoticed daily. 

For instance, resources such as light or color are present throughout Raul Guillermo’s work. These are helping to increase  situations with minimalist aesthetics.

The game with lights and shadows on furniture, buildings or even urban elements leads us by the streets of this French city in the series Paris grandiose by Raul Guillermo.

From hidden nooks that show us back façades form buildings or tools and working materials, to street scenes where urban elements such as trees or bollards have the main role.

Generally, the pastel tones express kind of an autumn or winter image, sometimes cold, in contrast with the warmth of natural light that fills some of the photographs.

With the series Paris grandiose by Raul Guillermo, the artist shows an absolute control of the composition, conveying a neat atmosphere in all his captures.

The seeming ephemeral and casual aspect that is transmitted in these scenes reflects a particular view, sometimes disheveled, of the monumental city of Paris.