Perforé, minimalist side table made of three different materials

Perforé side table was designed by Emre Yunus Uzun. This Turkish interior designer surprise us with a side table that has two main functions. Different but complementary between them.

Perforé is a side table that stick out for its visual composition of different materials. It combines marble, with powder-coated metal base and a perforated copper magazine rack. The contrast between them makes of Perforé a singular side table on its appearance.

Despite of having the use of a simple table, the copper side of Perforé is used as storage zone for magazines, books, plants,… With its plain form at the bottom, gives rise to more space for storage and other uses. What’s more, this side is perforated, so that’s why the name of this furniture. Avoiding in this way the accumulation of duty or any liquid that drops on it.

The blend between materials and forms makes of Perforé a unique side table; discreet but at the same time eye-catching

Talking about the form of Perforé, the fact that is more wide than long, allows to adapt it easily at the lateral of any furniture. It is combinable thanks to its two sizes and colours. THe black structure of the table creates an open space on the top. This act as the legs of the table too. On the space that is created on the top, it will be where the marble surface will be placed in one side, and on the other the copper rack.

The concept of the side table with the magazine rack is redesigned. It is created a design so fine and clean with the materials and the forms, that it does not need anything. Fulfill its function, and the pieces, to see it in a modular way, shows us the simplicity that how can be created objects with a lot of character, with the minimum expression.