Played connects, shares and plays with the users

Played is a set of pieces which creates one object and it’s designed by Mickey Philips. This designer created her own studio after her graduation in the School of Arts in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Her works relapses in the conceptualization of the objects. Defines a unique minimalist and graphic design, together with the idea of creating a social design. She minds on the people, how they interact, to create her works. But what’s the most searched for her, is to surprise and stimulate the creativity of the people with simple things. Make the user smile is one of her purposes.

Played was presented in the Milan Design Week 2017. This borns from a social global concept. Nowadays we live in a world where everything is in our hands, too much reachable. This causes that we are more superficial, materialistics,… Without arriving to value what we have in our hands, or who we have around us. The desire to look for the social connection again but without any screen in front of us, is what has caused the origin of this design.

Played consists in a set of 10 pieces, which all together creates one. This pieces are made of a stony material, conformed in a minimalistic way. They are combined between them, to create a unique piece. The angles of each piece makes this play, as if it was a puzzle. Thinking in an abstract way, we can talk about the same situation with people. Each of them are unique, but all together contributes something unique in that meal. So the interaction is created from the simplicity.

Played make that we were more conscious as what we eat as the company, sharing and breaking actual habits

The pieces of Played are thought to be placed on a table. The storage of them is vertical, creating another composition, completely different. Using plates where is placed the food, and the user finally is who enjoys the experience. There’s nothing more needed, only talk, ask for a plate to the person that has it more near, and enjoy the meal and the company.

The traditional idea of Played comes from a past, where the people joined together in a table and share all their food. Where sometimes have been created the strongest bonds, but also those ones that never have been linked. Causing this situation thanks some trays of food is to open the eyes again to that social facts that made us humans. Ultimately, the ideal of sharing.

Photography: Pam Kat