Producto Fresco is calling for entries

As we are already used to, ‘Producto Fresco’ arrives each year with stunning projects. That’s why we are happy to announce that the sixth edition of ‘Producto Fresco‘ is beginning. DIMAD has already taken the first step and it is calling for entries for everyone who wants to participate in this exhibition.

Without a doubt, Producto Fresco is a huge showcase for everyone who wish to have a name in the design field. Producto Fresco is an open exhibition located in ‘Central del Diseño’ of ‘Centro cultural y de creación contemporánea de Matadero Madrid’. This year the date for the exhibition will be from 8th June till 28th July. As we usually do, we will be there looking for the best of the exhibition.

¿Who can actually participate?

Both consolidated professionals and young students from different design fields. Every designer, design studio, maker, creaftsman, distributor and companies from Madrid. In short, every kind of design lover from Madrid who has a product and wants to show it to the world.

The call is open till 8th May. Read the basis and ¡submit your work!

This edition has a very relevant committe as Blanca Drake (in charge of communication of Vitra Spain), Edgar González (Director of Bachelor in Design IE) and Vicente Porres (Product Design Manager at Noviembre Estudio).

Producto Fresco is the place where young designer talk and start relations with consolidated profesionals. It is a window that pretends to drive the design done in Madrid. DIMAD through this event gets to drive design in a plural and democratic way.

You can take a look at the selection made by More with less of projects from Producto Fresco 2015 here.