Regular Company dazzles at Salone Satellite

Regular Company debuted this past April at the Salone Satellite in Milan. With a series of minimalist products, made with special care in each of its details. A multidisciplinary design studio located in Croatia. Founded by four young designers, Ruder Novak-Mikulic, Marija Ruzic Vukmanic, Marinko Murgic y Tihomir Filipec. The versatility of its components allows them to develop works in different creative fields such as product design, interiors, branding and digital design.


The IT lamp is a lamp carried to its minimum expression. A desk lamp that thanks to a simple mechanism, allows the user to direct light in the right direction. Made of high quality materials and designed with great aesthetics, this lamp can be used in different spaces with a high degree of decorative component.


The H.3 chair is simple and light, but at the same time impressive due to the contrast produced by its fine structure with its curved backrest and padded seat. The curve of its backrest endows the product with great personality and distinction. A very suggestive chair inspired by the metallic structures that we observe in the day to day.


Regular company uses traditional techniques along with the benefits offered by modern technologies such as 3D printing, or CNC carving


As far as the kitchen area is concerned, Regular company has redesigned the traditional mortar. Creating a small marble object with a modern and intriguing shape. In addition to being a very functional element, its aesthetic makes it a sculptural object for the home.


Following the line developed in the mortar, they also designed a set of marble trays. Where Regular Company members explored traditional and craft techniques to create unique finishes in this material. What really special of this product is the patina that is produced in the material with the passage of time.


Finally Candle holder, a minimalist and practical metal candelabrum destined to invoke the memories of the past. The redesign of a conventional portable candle, designed in simple shapes.


Photography: Marija Gasparovic / Igor Dugandzic