Rehabilitation house in Jabugo

This rehabilitation project, a work of the young Sevillian studio CM4, is located in a house in Jabugo, a pretty village in Huelva.


The history of the project begins as a first intervention on the elements of the house that were in bad state of conservation as were the walls and the roof.





Taking advantage of the intervention, they propose an improvement of the interior spaces, because the house in Jabugo should be a place of familiy, where to celebrate meals in the heat of the fireplace, or enjoy the pleasant summer nights in the courtyard. 


The rehabilitation shows the housing in Jabugo as it was built more than 100 years ago


The structure of the original house is simple, consisting of two cradles in three heights: the cellar in the basement, the main floor with all domestic uses, and the basement, intended for the drying of sausages.


The intervention in the housing in Jabugo is simple, it releases the cradles of all the partitions that had appeared during these years, giving importance to the main walls that mark the cradles.


The introduction of a metal staircase that connects the levels of the house, generates a large space where the contrast between the subtle and delicate image of the light in front of the roughness of the existing thick walls. The white color floods the rooms with slight notes that reveal the original construction of brick and stone.


The careful rehabilitation shows the house as it was built in its time, more than 100 years ago, showing some of the elements that characterized these typologies of Huelva.


On the upper floor the walls are expanded to generate a bedroom floor and covered with a new wooden roof similar to the original roof of the house.




Photography:  CM4 Arquitectos

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