Rice Club, the neutral and timeless personality


The Rice Club designed by interior designer Francesc Rifé is located on the first floor of the Brassa del Mar restaurant, located on the Patacona beach in Alboraya, Valencia. The project arises from the desire to emphasize the gastronomic values of the founders. Create a rational and simple place, naked as the material itself or the main ingredient of the cuisine of this place: rice.


The purpose of the Rice Club is to create a balancing act. On the one hand with the continuity of brown color and on the other hand with a system of lattices, sometimes fixed and sometimes mobile. These elements will be those that contribute the character to the space.


Access is from the ground floor. This is designed on the basis of the same materials as the top floor. The counter will be the articulating element that will lead customers to the Rice Club, the terrace or access to kitchens. This counter will merge with the stairs and will become a seat. All of this is combined with a large circular lamp, designed to measure, providing dynamism and transition between spaces.


The Rice Club emphasizes the gastronomic values of the founders: there is no modernity without good tradition


The Rice Club follows a rational and simple line, drawing a cubic space and sober, strong and at the same time neutral personality. This gives it a timeless character. The set is solved with fixed and movable lattices, stained poplar wood. This lightweight wood allows the movement of these structures with ease. For the separation of rooms, the fixed lattices are used while the flexibility of the space is achieved through the movement of the moving lattices. In the façade, the lattices stop the strong entrance of light, sifting it and offering poetic views of the sea. Continuity is provided by the chromatic range.


The first floor is distributed through the staircase which together with the kitchen create the center of the room. The south side is a large space for larger events and also hosts some reserved. The north side is distributed in two areas. A dining room and a gastro-bar, separated by a lattice and next to the bar. The dining area includes a bench seat area fitted into a cubicle. On the other hand, the gastro-bar with low armchairs, invites to experience the local in a more relaxed way. The kitchen has a double access and in one of them is practiced a hole, like a porthole by boat, to have an interior view.


The final set of the Rice Club is debated between the continuity of color, providing sobriety and elegance, and the dynamism of the lattices, which allow to create flexible spaces and different sensations of stay, adapting to both daytime and nighttime use.


Photographs by David Zarzoso.

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