Sherwood Square, renewed energy and life

Lila is the founder of Oh Babushka, a design and corporate identity design studio located in Byron Bay, in the Australian mainland. She is a graphic designer, creative collaborator and visual narrator. It is driven by creative energy, infectious enthusiasm and great entrepreneurial feeling. Lila faithfully believes that good design plays an essential role in transforming an idea into a brand. In Oh Babushka has developed a project for Sherwood Square, a revitalized retail center that brings energy, creativity and vitality. They want to build and promote their community and offer a collective space for both retailers and visitors. Babushka has worked on the visual identification of Sherwood Square creative and personality brand was developed to complement the retail center’s renovation to engage, energize and revitalize the venue. In addition to maca signage, the creative elements were designed to give a suggestive element of fun for the center, with positive posters, cactus murals, personalized laser cut screens and one of the most exciting – and shared on social networks – Service doors of Brisbane. logo has been developed to communicate the vitality and creativity of the Sherwood Square brand. They created an open, warm and welcoming space. The extended spacing between letters in this logo gives the brand a soft and spacious feel. The bold weight of the source used also allows for visual clarity and confidence in the brand, abbreviating squares to squares. Oh Babushka brought a level of creativity and design style that sets Sherwood Square apart from other centers. The Plaza is unlike any other and they wanted to appeal to both retailers and visitors who understand and appreciate this creative aesthetic. The geometric font also walks the marvelous line between being classical and modern – a nod to the beautiful original features found in Sherwood Plaza, and a nod to the creative transformation of this space. Square wants to get involved and build community. He wants businesses that become local. Undoubtedly, the new identity perfectly reflects the values that the company wants to convey.