Söderöra Summer House, a perfect place to appreciate and interact with nature.

Söderöra Summer House, is located on an island in the Stockholm archipelago, Sweden. An inaccessible place for cars, where calm and nature rule. The architecture office Tham & Videgard, arkitekten has designed this little haven, isolated from society, destined to forget time and enjoy.

Söderöra Summer House, is geometrically ideal. Starting from a cube, as the simplest shape, certain subtractions are made in order to order all the house areas, and also to give a great spatial quality to every one. Although without losing the original cube shape, space is transformed, becomes more complex, but yet ordered.


Söderöra Summer House visually connects interior and exterior; architecture and landscape.

A large open and central living room lightened by a zenithal skylight, organizes the different rooms around it. Two bedrooms, a bathroom and a storage room are located in each corner of the house. Each one of them, in turn, has a glazed niche that connects with the exterior. Those are different ways of connecting with the environment.

The roof and facades of Söderöra summer house are wrapped in black felt. On the other hand the interiors and terraces are made in wood. Eventhough that the same material had been used, the yards are kept in wood color, while the interior is painted in white color. A subtle and sensitive difference that gives a certain look and characteristic to each space.

Söderöra Summer House is crossed by nature; either through the central courtyard, contained in its terraces or in its large windows. No decoration required, the perfect combination between walls and green windows balances the rooms. An architecture that approaches to its environment, that coexists with it. There is one little island, inside another one. A construction that is resolved with a simple and practical design, but without losing a beautiful spatial sensitivity.