Smart lens. Sotiris Bougas

Sotiris Bougas is an Athenian with religious studies that at one point decides to express himselves and show his peculiar look through his instagram account @sotirisbougas. He explains his style by the fascination he feels on how simple things can be so unique and beautiful at the same time.
Sotiris photography Bougas is the result of looking at reality through a filter that removes the insubstantial things. He doesn’t try to find a scene that represents the simplicity but he founds it in any aspect and object of everyday life.
Minimalism is not only an aesthetic style for Sotiris Bougas. It is a lifestyle. Perhaps their studies have had something to do with this way of seeing things as asceticism is a common point of many religions. As he says, you need so few things to feel happy and complete.

Sotiris Bougas’s work is the aesthetic representation of a responsible life philosophy 

As for aesthetics with that he conveys us these values, Sotiris Bougas uses white and light colors with contrasting elements. Human figures in contorted positions, or body parts without references are recurring. Resources to get dehumanize models. Both architectures, objects and people we see in the photographs are shown stripped of context for, as he says, getting to see other different aspects from those we usually look.
The compositions of the images Sotiris Bougas gets with his camera are very well cared. Every object, every empty, every imperfection, every shade are in the right place to get a nice visual balance that makes his work performs so well.