The Valencian studio Joan Rojeski redesigns the traditional post-it

The study Joan Rojeski has redesigned the traditional sticky notes commonly known as post-it. With a lot of imagination this young Valencian studio has developed one of the latest novelties from the Daily Fiction collection Of the company Normann Copenhagen. A studio which is characterized by the high degree of creativity they offer in each Project . This time the design of sticky notes has been awarded in the Gold Award of the ADCV in the category of complementary products. And Wallpaper * Design Award 2017.


Sticky notes, a collection of sticky notes that are transformed with the aid of an origami-based design

Imagination, creativity and origami. In these three concepts could be summarized the design of Sticky notes.
Colorful pads of sticky notes that, through simple folds, become different objects. Five models: a letter, a bag, a house, a book and an airplane. Five objects in three dimensions that will let your imagination fly and personalize your day to day.


The designs of the different models are segmented in different shades, to make the folds easier to follow.
In addition, the adhesive area is located strategically, so that the product can adhere and create volume in a quick and simple way.


A very original way of pointing your daily needs, leave messages to your colleagues and send them in the form of an airplaneSign up for reminders, or make the shopping list and take it to the supermarket in the form of a bag. A multitude of possibilities that develop your creativity thanks to the redesign of a product as everyday as the post-it.