Studio Roller, a great tool for your ideas

Studio Roller is a design of the New Zealand studio George & Willy. Already they captivated us with his Hanging Drying Rack that takes advantage of the vertical space and offers us more space in a very simple form.

Studio Roller allows you to write easily on the wall your ideas.

studio-roller-note-roller-daily-roller-more-with-less-design-magazine-32Studio Roller is a very useful, simple and practical product. A roll of paper that it hangs on the wall, that allows us to write and draw in the wall without any problem. When you end, you can cut easily the sheet of paper with a thin platen that is fixed below.

studio-roller-note-roller-daily-roller-more-with-less-design-magazine-28.jpgWhen we are children we are the whole day drawing, especially in the walls. Our ancestors already were painting on the walls of the caves. It is a flat surface that us goes as ring to the finger for painting and drawing. We do not need any furniture. We can draw on standing. It’s practical and elementary as the design of George and Willy and his Studio this so practical logic these New Zealand designers have made Studio Roller. Thought to write a brainstorming in the studio, to do sketches in the office, to note the menu in your restaurant…studio-roller-note-roller-daily-roller-more-with-less-design-magazine-27But its use is not only professional! To have it in house they have done a smaller version. The Daily Roller is a version of the Studio Roller, in order that the youngest could amuse without dirtying the walls, to note the tasks or to note the shopping list and take it to the market with you!

Not sufficient with this. They have extracted another product that it’s born of the same concept and intention, but with the advantage that is portable. It is called Notice Roller. It’s a metal plate folded that is used as surface to write and to keep a roll of paper. It allows you to take your “infinite” paper role to note your things: ideally for shops and restaurants. George & Willy have in his web refills of roll for all the models.