Teide Restaurant, the renewal of a tradition


The project of Teide Restaurant, made by the Valencian studio Horma, is located in Sagunto, near the coast. Restaurante Teide becomes a challenge with a lot of attraction: to renew a tradition.


Over the years Teide Restaurant has been adapting to changes without losing the essence that characterizes it: quality, closeness and well-being. Maintaining these values is achieved through a timeless interior design, with neutral lines, that preserve elegance and that opt for a contemporary character.


Teide Restaurant, maintains the essence of always with a timeless design and at the same time contemporary


The Teide Restaurant contains two environments within the same place. Atmospheres differentiated by materiality, different codes that dialogue and are linked in their entirety through vegetation and lighting, delimiting more private spaces.


The almost monochromatic aspect of the Teide Restaurant, in that characteristic blue, is compensated by areas in white and the use of wood in floors and furniture. On the other hand, in this duality of interior spaces, we find upholstered furniture in blue tones offset by others that combine black or wood.


Photograph by Mariela Apolonio.