The Herdade do Freixo winery, the wine Guggenheim


The Herdade do Freixo winery  of the Portuguese architect Frederico Valsassina is located in the municipality of Freixo, in the Alentejo landscape. The idea of the project was to intervene in the place respecting to the maximum the inherited natural landscape. In this way the intervention creates an underground architecture, which is unwound through a spiral ramp up to 40 meters deep.


From the beginning it was sought not only an architectural project but an oenological project, creating the new Freixo wine. Letting the wines evolve to these depths, at constant temperatures, away from the surface and the extensive thermal changes, is one of the fundamental characteristics. The Herdade do Freixo winery is a project in which architecture adapts to wine, not vice versa.


This creates a brand not only at the wine level but also at the architectural level. With this project, Federico Valsassina constructs a Guggenheim of the wine, this time buried. The winery is developed in three levels accessible through its central ramp. The visit to the building allows to know the process of the wine from the collection of the grape, until its packaging passing through the room of barrels.


The Herdade do Freixo winery, an iconographic and silent architecture in the landscape of the Portuguese Alentejo


The Herdade do Freixo winery is filled with natural light through large skylights. The material of the project is the concrete that is accompanied with the land of the place, contributing the color of the Freixo. The interior rooms fly over the rooms of the barrels and the rooms with stainless steel vats.


The Herdade do Freixo winery responds to the product, the brand and the landscape through an iconic architecture, sober and welcoming, based on the route, the natural light and the winemaking process.



Photograph by Fernando Guerra | FG + SG.