Toj clothes racks, simplicity for your clothes

Simon Legald, is the designer of Normann Copenhagen, who is behind the design of Toj clothes racks. This young designer of Danish origin does not stop collaborating with one of the big of Nordic design.


Toj clothes racks, is a product of storage for the clothes whose purpose is to remove the closet from the closet. Where we have our clothes or accessories in sight. With the main function of providing space for clothes, shoes and other objects that help us organize, such as: bags or boxes.

The Toj clothes racks design is pure industrial expression, mixed with the simplicity and functionality that characterizes Normann Copenhagen products


Toj fulfills the function of a conventional closet, but its aesthetics has been carried to its minimum expression. Without structure, without doors and without unnecessary details so that it can correctly fulfill its use. The product of Simon Legald focuses on a bar where you can hang clothes. And a shelf at the bottom. All this thanks to a light structure formed by four wooden slats that are aided by screws and bolts to provide stability to the product. To perfectly fulfill the good design features: simple, functional and easy to assemble.



Another to the aesthetic features of this design is the ability of the designer to work with simplicity. And highlight the needs of the product, instead of hiding them.


Thanks to a clean expression and minimal character. Toj clothes racks works in different environments. Stays such as the bedroom, entrance, living room, office. In addition, two variants of size have been made to best suit the needs of the user. And it is available in different finishes.