Top 10 architecture with extrinsic or intrinsic views?

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Look: direct the view towards something and focus attention on it. Look into the eyes, look at others, look at oneself, lose track of time or want to happen fast. Observe the rain, the sun or the change of seasons. Choose between everything around us and focus on something. That feeling when traveling from “eating the world” through a window. The beauty of looking and being looked at, and in the case of architecture, seeing it or seeing what surrounds it. Because no, not all are the sights that surround, sometimes, the beautiful part of an introspective look. Today we present these ten projects with inward and outward views, designed to enjoy architecture as a point of union between man and nature. 

Gjennomsikten, an architecture to behold the landscape

Located in the Grenland region, this architectural project is rather an intervention in the landscape. Gjennomsikten is the Norwegian word meaning “see through”. A project carried out by Klaboratoriet consisting of a small pavilion on the bank of the river. A place designed for the contemplation of the surroundings and to enjoy the views.


High House by Delordinaire

Camouflaged in the snow during the winter, this minimalist housing offers a vertical abrupt form compensated by its light structural supports. Located in Québec (Canada), this project carried out by the French architects Delordinaire elevates the dwelling and studies its openings to ensure optimum interior decoration and to offer the best views to the exterior.


House on Gotland, tradition, minimalism and nature

House in Gotland is a minimalist holiday home located on the Swedish island that bears his name. The architecture studio Etat Arkitekter designs a house in the midst of the natural landscape. A project that opens to the landscape, giving passage from the interior to the exterior views, an inclusion of the landscape, green, wild and surrounded by flowers and low shrubs, in architecture.


Casa 4.1.4. por AS/D Asociación de Diseño

This holiday residence in Jurica Campestre (Mexico) is a housing project that opens inland. A design by AS / D Design Association that aims to reinterpret the concept of vacation home. A deconstruction of the central volume program, individualizing spaces. The house is distributed in the center with three independent suites surrounding a green space of the house that acts sometimes as “square” where life flows. A project that establishes a direct relationship between the interior and exterior, connecting the spaces with nature and the environment and allowing the visitor to enjoy views to a controlled architecture and garden.


Camposaz, small scale wooden architectures

Camposaz was born from a collaborative workshop between Aguaz and Campomarzio. A construction of wood installations that is celebrated every year in a different country. Young architects and designers led by a tutor and local carpenters generate proposals that adapt to each specific location. A process of understanding the environment and materials, taking the human scale as a reference and the body and manual labor as tools of expression. The architecture adapts to the terrain and allows to make it accessible for the enjoyment of the views towards nature. 


Casa de Oeiras by Pedro Domingos Arquitectos

Casa de Oerias, by Pedro Domingos Arquitectos, is an inward-facing dwelling. Looking away from the outside, these 220m2 of architecture of austere character, take care of the details. The color, the lights and the shadows form a game between stays and, above all, between interior and exterior. Its interiors, white walls and structures in concrete and wood, contrast with the exterior pigmented walls. The color in the patio is able to enter the home thanks to elements such as light. A game of materials, heights and light in the architecture that creates a kind of urbanite “oasis” where the views are in the own architectural elements in contrast to a controlled nature. 


White Cave House by Takuro Yamamoto Architects

Takuro Yamamoto Architects are responsible for building this courtyard house in Kanazawa, a city known in Japan for its heavy snowfall. This patio-house stands out for being a large white volume with a series of interconnected gaps. A form of “tube bended” that makes up this house known as White Cave House. Introspective, this house takes your eyes away from the outside and directs your views towards an immaculate white patio that plays with light, sky and different materials within a – and only – palette of colors.


Hideg House, taking benefits from the landscape

Béres Architects design this detached house on the outskirts of Köszeg, a city in Hungary. This house practically integrated in the surroundings, opens its views towards an old quarry. It is steeped in sculptural cliffs and pleasant hills with woods, adapts to the terrain and opens its sights completely to the outside, including mountain materials as elements “own” of the new architecture. A home benefiting from the surrounding landscape.


Restaurante Björk, a wood tent in the middle of the snow

Hemavan is a ski resort in Sweden where the panoramic views are spectacular. Murman Arkitekter designs this wooden (non-stop) wooden tent called Björk Restaurant. A restaurant offering locally sourced food and drinks where you can rest after a day of skiing and contemplate the views of nature.


Finca en Extremadura by Ábaton Arquitectura

Finca in Extremadura, an intervention respectful with the environment, able to integrate with the landscape. This family home is located in an old abandoned barn, a project of Ábaton Arquitectura that is a work of reflection and in-depth study on the existing building and the surrounding environment. The old abandoned barn is transformed and receives a new use, opening up to the surrounding environment and allowing this house to enjoy its views in the heart of the Extremadura landscape.


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