TOP 5 Architectural illusions

A strong aspect in many of the photographs is the strength of a good set design. From the hand of geometry, depth and abstraction of the architecture recreated in their compositions, the following photographers captivate with each one of their snapshots some series full of particular perspectives.

Therefore, we bring you a new top, this time Top 5 architectural illusions.


Bence Bakonyi

In the photographs of artist  Bence Bakonyi a particular atmosphere is perceived. Each capture becomes a whole set of colors and perspectives, with objects located in an unusual way and playing with optical and architectural illusions that leave the spectator absorbed in trying to decipher the hieroglyph that he poses.

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Michele Durazzi 

We follow our Top 5 architectural illusions with the Italian artist Michele Durazzi. This photographer presents us some scenarios where it establishes a unique perspective, achieving that the duality between the human being and the construction is careful and balanced. Helped by the use of white color and symmetrical structures, he explores different details and textures.

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Daniel Rueda

Other snapshots that we love, with their simplicity and originality, are those of the architect and photographer Daniel Rueda, always accompanied by the also photographer Anna Devís.

Their compositions seek to play with optical illusions, sometimes in a fun way. Appearing figurants, the correct scale of their photographs makes them count as much as possible with the minimum necessary.

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Mária Švarbová

The photographer Mária Švarbová is characterized by its aesthetic compositions of the Socialist era, the times with a slightly retro-futuristic touch. In his photographs he offers the viewer the feeling of being immersed in a parallel universe, different from the real one, but at the same time familiar.

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Serge Najjar

Finally, we bring you the photographer based in Beirut Serge Najjar, also known by his instagram alias Serjios. Najjar makes minimalism an art, because it is evident in all his work getting a powerful visual content with little content and still seems to convey a lot of information.

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