Top of Product 2017

2017 has also been a year of good products at More with less. Do you remember some of them? We refresh your memory and collect in this Top of Product 2017 your favorite products this year.

Plank Sofa, more than a wood plank

With only a wooden plank as basis and a subtle back, our most seen product in More with less this year is PlankSofa: a good sample of the relaitonship between simplicity and functionality


Orbit ligth, aesthetics and function

Orbit ligth, is a collection of luminaire by designer Lukas Peet, that takes its inspiration from the planetary orbits that are found around the sun, seeking the experimentation of materials such as metal, marble and glass.


E Tab, a stool with Enzo Mari’s values


E TAB is a stool designed by Amanda Tato Regueiro, product design student in EASDin Valencia (Spain) that treats the material with a tact very similar tact to the one of the famous designer of Italian furniture Enzo Mari.


Symmetry, basic lighting by Hannakaisa Pekkala


Symmetry is a series of three sculptural lamps designed by Hannakaisa Pekkala, a student at the University of Lahti, Finland, which was awarded the 2016 Northern Lighting Design Award.


Studio Roller, a great tool for your ideas


Studio Roller is a roll of paper designed by the studioGeroge & Willy that hangs on the wall and allows us to write and draw in the wall without any problem.