Turn-Table, a chain of connected tables

Turn-Table is a set of auxiliary tables designed by Ontwerpduo. This studio was born in 2008 in The Netherlands with Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink. Step by step they have been growing, working for other brands and by request. Every year, even all of this, they present its own thematic collection.

Turn-Table borns from the idea of create a set of small tables which adapt itself, as the spaces as the users. This creates that the tables doesn’t have the complexity of the legs. Creating this way a good composition with its corresponding accessories for the home.

Being composed by different tables, Turn-Table allows to hide the smaller table under the most wide, turning it. It is very easy move each table in the preferable way, for approach a drink, or make more space. The fact that one leg works as a axis, allows more stability in the movement and flexibility.

Turn-Table creates a functional adjustment and pleasant visually for day by day moments

The concept of Turn-Table, also is born between the simplicity, in a workshop with low-tech. The most suitable place to originate this design, with an easy, manual and practical mechanism. But without forgetting the design, defining a minimal and functional aesthetic. The design of the table has been produced by Made by Hand in Denmark. Such as is born the idea, it is created in a workshop for the care of the finishes and connecting mechanism.

This table, as it can be appreciated, is made of wood with the connections between them with a metallic material. The contrast between wood and this material matches very well, at the same time it is formed a durable furniture. In conclusion, its form and function allows to place it in a living room of houses that are completely different.