(Un)contained, a critical design tool that allows us to create and expansion

(un)contained 01Why should we follow the social ‘norm’? Why not invent our own rules? Societal influence has become a dictation and causes human to underperform in their life. Each of us feel that we have our own individuality, but we are being forced to conform. Andyi Liao, Sharonna Chan and Ivana Low are three Canadian students from Emily Carr university of  Art + Design of  Vancouver, they have materialized (Un)contained. (Un)contained is a critical design tool that makes us thing about how we can enrich our lives through creativity and expansion. ‘Our intention is to nudge people; to give awareness that other potentials exist and that following the instructions is but one way of using a tool,’ say the designers.

 (Un)contained, changes out our pre conceptive thinking on kitchen ware. There’s not only one way to do things and sometimes it’s okay not to follow instructions

(un)contained 01There’s not only one way to do things and sometimes it’s okay not to follow instructions. (Un)contained is a set of abstracted wood kitchen tools that change out our pre conceptive thinking on kitchen ware, they only give you a hint as to what they’re typically used for. (Un)contained is a collaborative concept, the idea is to get together with friends, cook and think outside the box.
(un)contained 04 (un)contained 05‘By limiting users to the bare essentials, we force and push users to find substitution to complete their tasks. This is made by removing their sense of security and familiarity within an enviroment.’ ‘The act of preparation and creation with different tools creating with a motion uniquely to your own by the interpretation you have formed. Moving in a face set by your own boundaries. Discover unseen usages and potentials within each to.’ (Un)contained.
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