Viriato 20 by CUAC Architecture

Together with the form light is the most essential for the creation and characterization of space. In fact Le Corbusier said that architecture is only those two things. In this renovation of a flat in Viriato 20 street in the Chamberí district of Madrid, light is not only something to take care of and to take into account but it becomes an excuse from project. Something that already seems already an accurate premise by CUAC Arquitectura, the architects of the work.

The object of the renovation is a 1950s flat of considerable size, probably designed for a bourgeois class that sought its space in affluent areas near the capital center but with enough calm.

Viriato 20 is organized around a large habitable lamp

The existing distribution is completely rejected in the renovation dividing Viriato 20 into two areas according to the famous duality defined by Kahn as served and servant spaces. In the most distant part from the holes that let to the exterior, the architects place the servant strip with storage spaces and the humid rooms; the rest can be understood as a single space articulated with a large lamp, big enough to be even be inhabited.

The keys to this object are its totally exempt pure and forceful form and its materiality. It is build with translucent prisms of handy size arranged with a milllimetric design of the position of each piece that generates a texture highlighted by the light through it. Everything inside can be more or less sensed depending on the distance between this and the tranlucent walls. Thus, we can see quite well the objects that are placed on the shelves but not so well what may be happening inside. Photograph by Javier Callejas Sevilla.