Visu, chair collection of plywood for Muuto

Visu is a chair collection designed by the Studio Tolvanen for the Scandinavian brand Muuto. This studio from Helsinki is formed by Mika & Julie Tolvanen. Mika is a Finnish designer that venture out in 2001 to work by his own. Julie is an American designer which worked as carpenter and moved out to Finland to take a mastery of furniture design. Together, they founded this studio.

They believe in the good design, based on the function and the individual character, creating Visu for Muuto. Muuto is based on the aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship, and honesty of each product. Muuto in Finnish means ‘new perspective’. Seeking this way designs and designers based on their philosophy. Visu, takes part of one of them and more than this, agrees with all the qualificative adjectives for Muuto.

This collection of chairs consists in a normal chair, a high and a lounge chair. Each of them can be placed in different spaces, being this in a coffee shop, in a kitchen, in a living room,… So having this simple and defined forms allows to combine it perfectly with any environment.

‘Our objective is make designs as Visu being fresh and beautiful, but also self-explanatory, comprehensive and silent’ – Studio Tolvanen

Visu is formed from molded oak plywood or lacquer ash. The base, depending on the chair, is made of steel wire recovered with dust and the wood lacquered in PU. In concrete, the wide and short lounge chair is filled with foam and it is fire-resistant and it is upholstery with fabrics or leather. This finishes contributes one of the distinctive points that are wanted in Visu.

Its form, on the other hand, is completely ergonomic. The curves are thought to give more comfort to the back and the human body get better adaptation to this. At the end, the chairs are the star design product, but that’s also why it is very demanding from the users, because nowadays we use the chair the most of the hours of one day.

Ultimately, with this nordic style, Visu is easily adapted to any space and any person. The different sizes and finishes allows a better personalisation of the exclusive product to the user. Returning this way to simple forms, with distinctives in the weight of one of each parts of the chair, and the curves are inspired on more than a one ancient design, Visu it’s very well defined as collection and as chairs.