Wait more than a reading lamp

Wait is the name given to the lamp designed by JIHE STUDIO. A design studio focused on the development of products for the habitat founded by the Chinese designer Tony Lee and located in Shenzhen. His projects have been conceived from a philosophy of avant-garde design influenced by lines and clean surfaces under a strong minimalist character. The different products designed by the studio have been exhibited in different exhibitions around the world.


One of his most important designs is Wait. A floor lamp designed in a very simple way, using geometric shapes. In regard to its structure, the lamp has two discs and two metal rods. As we can see, its shape takes reference to the body of a bird taken to its minimum expression.

Wait, a lamp with a strong simple and emotional carácter

Its design is carefully designed to provide the product with functionality. Thought so that Wait is the ideal lamp in the moments of reading. A lamp that provides the user with that peace and comfort necessary in those moments of relaxation.



One of the metal rods of its structure allows the user to deposit his book in the lamp when he wants to stop reading. In this way, the book is simply dropped and the user can open it when he wants to read again. In this way, we not only have a lamp that provides us with direct light suitable for reading moments. We also find that Wait can be a decorative element where we can deposit our books and magazines, as well as act as a bookmark.


On the other hand, Wait is a very versatile lamp thanks to the simplicity of its forms. It can be adapted to any type of environment, both as a lamp and as a decorative element.