Wire series coffee table: Intuitive functionality

Wire Series Coffee Table is a coffee table with a series of additional products, created by the young designer based in England George Riding. A designer who combines emotional aspects along with a thought of simplicity during the design process.


Wire series coffee table is the result of extensive exploration and research into the relationship between passive and active objects. Passive objects are those that interact indirectly with the user, requiring other objects, to initiate the interaction. Because of this, they are often considered products of secondary experience. Giving place to objects with an insignificant form that provides the user with a limited and meaningless experience.


Wire series coffee table a table to explore the reciprocal relationship between users and objects


The Wire Series Coffee Table design is inspired by the grid system commonly seen in 2D graphics. This coffee table is designed to apply a philosophy of systematic design. In this way, the designer seeks to improve the relationship between a conventional and passive table with the active objects that initiate the interaction with the user. The interaction between users and objects is achieved through a wire surface that allows objects that are in contact with the table to be collected, moved and placed by the user through forms of integration.


A design that combines simple and clean lines along with harmonious and quality materials. Whose result is an emotional product capable of creating positive experiences for users. Additional objects help us meet different needs and improve the customs of everyday life.  Its simple and neutral design where the functionality is very intuitive allows it to be a very versatile product. Able to adapt to different environments.