Wobble-up, flexibility for an adaptable life

Wobble-up is a project presented by Sam Linders. This project consists on a carpet which can be transformed into seat. Sam Linders was graduated in the Design Academy Eindhoven. She firmly believes that the products are designed in concordance with the materials, but especially to the form and the colour of this. Combining and mixing could appear new materials.

The idea of Wobble-up borns of the variability of places where one person can be sit down at home. There are some people who loves sitting on the carpet. What has to be considered also is where the people live, each time are more little. As one reason as other could be enough to perform this idea of the carpet that can turn into a chair. If there is company at home and there are not enough chairs, it can be bended easily and quickly the carpet Wobble-up into a seat.

Wobble-up is the modern complement for little spaces, which allows to create some relax and meeting zones

The base of Wobble-up is made of plastic mechanically perforated. The incisions that are made allows to make a traditional embroidery. This embroidery, plays with the different colours and compositions, to compose the mosaic pattern. This composition of materials gives a huge sensibility to the touch, being soft and comfortable, and resistant in its structure.

To be a seat, Wobble-up has a Velcro flap sensed to be joined, fold the carpet and creat the chair. This swaying seat can be transformed into a comfortable and soft tile. The coloured spinning compose a mosaic on the most free way as possible.

It’s defended particularly to occupy all the spaces where its required relax, comfort, … The colour of this can variate according to the style of the user to variate and combine the pattern.