18 House, a perimeter staircase to take advantage of space in a corner of Vietnam


18 House is located in Ho Chi Minh, the most populous city in Vietnam. Located in a dead end, the  Vietnamese architecture office Khuon Studio, designs this street level house.


18 House it is a 5 storey dwelling, in the first floor a garage and kitchen share the place. A strategy that in addition to saving space, promotes good relations with neighbors.

Based on an limmited area of 18m2, the only way to save space and meet the customers needs it was to grow in height and move the central circulation core to the extremes. In this way surfaces can be multiplied and generate half stores and double hights. Also for good air circulation, a generous space is left between the balustrade of the staircase.

18 House optimizes the quality of the space through a careful and thoughtful design


Another initiative for this project was the inclusion of vegetation, due to the narrow space and overpopulation that the city suffers. The architects had installed a garden in the terrace. On the other hand, the exterior facade is designed thinking in the porosity of the Project.

The exterior of 18 House is constructed with a system of slits of several heights that can be opened individually. With what, users can regulate the air entrance and its circulation throughout the house. This system occupies about half of the facade. Likewise, this material lets sift in the daylight.

Another detail that improves the interior house temperature is the bedroom wall, which by its orientation receives a large amount of light. To improve that, this part of the facade is deviated and sculpted in a triangular shape, with which the sun’s rays suffer a deviation.

18 House is a simple dwelling, located in an area with diverse difficulties and scarce resources. But still it is a good example of how to detect problems and needs and know how to solve them through attention in design and care in detail.

Photos by Hiroyuki Oki