3 Pavilions Parc Lagravère , mimesis and dialogue facing Seine River

3-pavillions-at-parc-lagravere-3-pabellones-en-parc-lagravere-open-architecture-more-with-less-design-magazine-93 Pavilions Parc Lagravère  are a set of building installation of 40m2, whose objective is to provide particular services to the park bearing its name. Located right across the Seine river in Colombres city, France, the architecture office H20 architects, is carrying out its construction.3-pavillions-at-parc-lagravere-3-pabellones-en-parc-lagravere-open-architecture-more-with-less-design-magazine-3In a functionally way, 3 Pavilions Parc Lagravère are placed one after the other, and divided according to its use and the service they provide. The first pavilion is closest to the park entrance, fulfilling the function of receiving users, as well as connecting with a future train station. The second one, the store is a little farther to the river. And finally the third pavilion is housing the toilets for public use, reason why, it appears even more retired, almost completely into the park, camouflaged among the trees.

3 Pavilions Parc Lagravère seems to glide through the tres

3-pavillions-at-parc-lagravere-3-pabellones-en-parc-lagravere-open-architecture-more-with-less-design-magazine-2These three longitudinal volumes, make slight curves, sometimes convex, sometimes concave, accompany and dinamize the park walk. A small platforms and semi covered, lean out and visually connect one space with the next, delicately separated of the ground, like a silent warning of a change in the place.
3-pavillions-at-parc-lagravere-3-pabellones-en-parc-lagravere-open-architecture-more-with-less-design-magazine-7The 3 Pavilions Parc Lagravère are buildt and materialized in the same way. Through a series of vertical wooden and stainless steel slats, the buildings measure just the exact same high as the tree trunks, integrating into the landscape and almost fading away. The green treetops seems to be the buildings rooftops, that design strategy favors the subtle exchange between the natural environment and architecture.
3-pavillions-at-parc-lagravere-3-pabellones-en-parc-lagravere-open-architecture-more-with-less-design-magazine-8The access to each of the buildings are located in the extremes of the volumes, this allows the central element is not interrupted or break the landscape harmony, enabling to see and be seen, and to go unnoticed. The regular user of this place, will find in the 3 Pavilions Parc Lagravère, not just a service point, but a place to rest, which peeks hidden along the ride. A pause that invites us to meditate and ponder while watching the landscape.3-pavillions-at-parc-lagravere-3-pabellones-en-parc-lagravere-open-architecture-more-with-less-design-magazine-1The 3 Pavilions Parc Lagravère are crawling and sneaking between the trees, appearing to fulfill strategically its function. It is a gentle articulator, a hybrid between nature and artifice, a meeting point between society, the park and architecture, breathing and feeding back of them. A space that can be both active and contemplative. A living space.