3D Housing 05, the new house printed in 3D

3D Housing 05, is the new 3D printed house built within the Salone del Mobile design festival in Milan, by CLS Architects and Arup. This house is the beginning towards a more sustainable construction and will be located in the center of Milan while the Fira lasts.


Manufactured in situ, 3D Housing 05, is built by a portable robot mounted on a mobile base which gives it great flexibility compared to other types of fixed printing. The house consists of 35 modules printed in periods of approximately 60-90 minutes, completing the house in about 48 hours.


3D Housing 05 is the new house printed with 3D technology that marks the way towards a more sustainable construction


3D Housing 05 marks the path towards a more sustainable construction, reducing construction waste, thus increasing the efficiency of the process and reusing materials at the end of the building’s useful life. The house printed in 3D allows it to be disassembled and reassembled in another place.


Located in the large square Piazza Cesare Beccaria, 3D Housing 05 is printed in concrete covering a floor of about 100 square meters and has curved walls that form a living room, a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. To build the walls, a Cyber Construction robot was used with a concrete-based mixture for printing. The rest of elements, like covers, windows and doors complete after the manufacture.


Exhibiting at the Salone del Mobile helps create a new mentality in the world of construction, in replacing the “make, use and throw” for a reusable life cycle of materials and elements, getting more efficient and less wasteful.



Photographs by Arup: Giorgio Giunta and Luca Orlandini.