A Design Award the largest competition

To participate in a competition is an experience that we recommend to all of you. Once we had finished our studies we find ourselves in a limbo full of doubts, to know to make the most of our energy and creativity is our goal and while we are making projects we can take part in a competition that usually brings out our most creative side. A Design Awards is aimed at all kind of designers, innovators and companies, gicing the oportunity to take part in one of the most recognised competitions.

A Design Award is the worlds’ largest design competition with categories like: Furniture, decorative items and homeware design, Packaging Design, Architecture, building and structure design, Lighting products and project design, Interior space and exhibition design, Graphic and visual communication design… up to 100 different main categories. Find your category here. The following is a presentation of two winning projects from previous editions.

Le Cube Sofa by Rob Van Puijenbroek

Winner in Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Category of A Design Award


A modular sofa, constructed from small different cubes. Its shape can be adjusted in height by adding or removing cubes. With a small adjustment, the sofa can change completly its look.

Artificial Topography Art Installation by Ryumei Fujiki

Winner in Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Category of A Design Award


The idea is to hollow out the volume inside a container in order to build amorphous space like a cave. It is made of only plastic material.


The A Design Award competition winning projects are exhibited in a hall, they are included in a yearbook, they are advertised and they get internation recognition for their projects, spreading the name of designers and their work at different countries. In addition the winning designs are included in the world design ranking. 

If you want to participate you can register here. You will have till 28 of February for submit your project and 15th April winners will be announced. If you wish to learn more about A Design Award Competition click here.