Last call for the best design: A Design Awards and Competition

There are only two weeks left to present your projects for the A Design Awards and Competition. Thousands of designers around the world have already submitted their works. Remember that until the 28th of February projects can be registered for the most international design competition . There are a total of93 disciplines of product, graphic, technology, architecture and art projects. The winners will be announced on April 15th during the gala in Italy. They will receive a trophy and an international spread through a press kit and the translation of their work in 20 languages for informational purposes. The prize will be awarded based on the excellence of each one. According to the position is given Bronze, Gold, Platinum and Steel prize as a result of the decision of an international jury.


A Design Awards & Competitiona-design-awards-last-call-more-with-less

Some of the winning projects of the last edition of A Design Awards. Source: A Design Awards & Competition.


The A Design Awards competition is an international platform that aims to promote the best designs. In the last edition, 88 countries participated, obtaining a great international repercussion. As a result, the prize gives the winners a great diffusion and publicity through an exhibition, a yearbook, commercials, credits in rankings of world-wide design and a gala for great diffusion in networks. Achieving an A Design Award is a worldwide guarantee of quality and innovation for companies and institutions. In addition, the winners inspire the best current designers to chart the course of design in the future. Here are some of the best designs from the previous edition:


A Design Awards & Competition-spherical-cork-armchair-by-movecho-movecho-more-with-less

Spherical by MOVECHO. Source: A Design Awards and Competition.


A Design Awards & Competition-more-with-less-a-design-awards

Huxley’s Ladder Bookshelves by Marc Scimé and Studio for Design. Source: A Design Awards and Competition.


In furniture category, we can find the irony in very functional designs. Based on a small figure of Miguel Arruda, Spherical is a cork chair that reduces the weight of furniture and becomes a “habitable sculpture”. On the other hand, Peel Cabinet simulates a fabric through a door constructed with layers of wood. Huxley’s Ladder Bookshelves is a shelf that we can climb to reach the highest books.

A Design Awards & Competition-a-design-awards-more-with-less

Structo Lamp by Naty Moskovich & Iddo Zimmerman. Source: A Design Awards and Competition.


A Design Awards & Competition-a-design-awards-more-with-less-moon

Lunipse Lighting by Nima Bavardi and Soroush Vahidian Kamyar. Source: A Design Awards and Competition.


In lighting, we can observe minimalist designs inspired by everyday motifs. Structo Lamp is a minimalist lamp that mimics urban lighting while Lunipse recalls the evolution of the lunar cycle with its spheres.


A Design Awards & Competition-a-design-awards-more-with-less-timber-tale

Timber tale by Eureka Limited. Source: A Design Awards and Competition.


A Design Awards & Competition-a-design-awards-interior-more-with-less

One Main Office by Mark Goulthorpe and Raphael Crespin. Source: A Design Awards and Competition.


Finally, architecture surprises us with new shapes. Timber Tale means a middle step between exterior and interior through Asian forms resembling meditations temples. On the other hand, One Main Office breaks with the idea of prefabricated materials in wood, creating lines that seem irreproducible in production. 

More with Less will publish a selection of winners on April 15th. Designers can register their work until February 28th, here.