It is time to enter in the A Design Awards

A Design Awards & Competition has started the countdown. Thousands of designers can participate in the award and they will be able to enter their projects until the 28th of February. The award is the most multidisciplinary, international and famous in the world of design. Therefore, it brings together 93 categories like Good Industrial Design Award, Good Architecture Design Award or Good Product Design Award. Candidates can easily participate signing in their works on the official website.  If they eventually win, they will get the trophy and a very extensive press kit .


Some of the winning projects of the last edition of A Design Awards. Source: A Design Awards.


The A Design Awards Competition is an international platform that aims to promote the best designs from around the world. In this way, it is presented as a big competition that provides an exhibition, a yearbook, pr and publicity, world design rankings inclusion and the gala-night for networking. The winning projects are spread to the most relevant media and publications. In short, it is a worldwide reference to discover the latest trends of Design.


The Artistry Master Exhibition logo by Yongan Zhou is inspired by the safety pin for sewing.


The awarded designs are set in the spotlight because of their originality. Last year, there were promising finalists and projects that bet on functionality and simplicity. For example, the graphic design in the product stands out because of its simplicity and elegance, as in Pusonic Icewine or in the logo design of Artistry Master Exhibition. The previous year, also, we could find witty products like Stable Chopsticks that are chopsticks with a groove to support them in the boul, and Stool Spiral, a very functional stool made of cardboard. And finally, in interior design,  there are minimalist constructions like N8-house and The House of Contemporary Art Residence.

A-design-awards-more-with-less-Spiral Stool By Daisuke Nagatomo & Minnie Jan

Spiral Stool is designed by Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan as a modular cardboard stool that can withstand 100 kg.


The competition will end next 15th of April where the winners will be announced during the gala in Italy. The prize will be awarded based on the excellence. Four positions are awarded: Bronze, Gold, Platinum and Steel as a result of the decision of an international jury. The impact of this result is global since each work is presented in more than 20 languages.  More with Less will publish a selection of winners on April 15th. Designers can register, here.