‘A Form of View’ by Yoav Friedländer

The series ‘A Form of View’ by Yoav Friedländer is a constant mix of reality and fiction. The artist from Israel, currently settled in the United States, combines his memories, more or less clear, with real landscapes.

After studying a Bachelor of Photography at Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem, graduating in 2011, Yoav Friedländer moved to New York to work. There, he continued his studies with a Master of Fine Arts in the specialty of photography, at the School of Visual Arts in 2014.

In an argued combination, ‘A Form of View’ by Yoav Friedländer exposes exterior and interior landscapes, real and manufactured. The real ones are the product of his experiences, while the seconds are those that somehow he wants to go back to. In this way, the photographer builds a series of situations in scale to be able to portray them later.

In the series ‘A Form of View’ by Yoav Friedländer, the combination of scenes at different scales generates a particular hyperreality.

This combination of landscapes and models generates a break in the perception of the scale through the different photographs. As the whole series is discovered, one is not sure what is real and what is fictitious. The detail with which he makes the scenography to scale makes this difference even more difficult. Only when small toys are introduced we aware of that deception.

Through this double aspect, the photographer explains that he manages to reflect “places he can not physically access: memories, places and spaces”. ‘A Form of View’ by Yoav Friedländer is achieved in a beautiful way, bringing the viewer fully into their concerns and memories.

In short, with the mixture of places and non-places, real or generated scales, models and toy soldiers, the artist Yoav Friedländer manages to create his own world of hyperreality and take us with him.