A-Holes, una dosis de humor para entender la tipografía

Behind A-Holes there is Curtis Canham, designer and professor at the College of Saint Rose. The author has created this book in order to submerge itself in the typographic language and to find elements infrequent or of which it is not usually spoken in the world of the design.

A-Holes is a design book that explores the enclosed negative spaces of the letter “A”

The main idea was to make a compilation of the different spaces in negative of each one of the letters that compose the alphabet. Even so, his teaching experience allowed him to make a decision about something that I did to make a 180º turn to the project: to review the contraforms from a historical level and to see all the evolution of the holes of the letter “A”.

He also developed an in-depth analysis of the anatomy of the letter, which serves to demonstrate that the central hole is so important that it is able to determine the personality of the source itself.

According to Canham himself, “depending on how the negative space of the letter is, it is possible to know – without seeing it – some of its formal characteristics: the holes give clues as to the typography and tells us, for example, if we are facing a serif or sans serif font.”


Curtis Canham launched this project in Kickstarter in 2015, where he got 110 sponsors who contributed more than 7,000 dollars to finance it and to carry it out. A-Holes has also resulted in a photographic project that prolongs the obsession with the absence or presence of holes in the ‘A’.

A-Holes is a book that, besides serving as a tribute to a somewhat relegated part of the letter, seeks the typographic exploration of a point of view somewhat different from what we designers are accustomed. What the author intended was to create a project that, from the irony and the jocular tone, got the reader to dig deeper into the typographic language and found in that book an easy-to-use tool to explore the type.

This book is an absolute must for all graphic designers, typographers and artists … or, really, anyone with a sense of humor.