A room for a narcissist, a surreal trip inside a hat shop.


A room for a narcissist, is a rebranding project for the popular hat shop FUO, with several stores around China. To reflect an aesthetic that identifies with the type of client of the brand, Lukstudio carries out this singular project.

A room for a narcissist, for FUO Wuhan, China from Christina Luk on Vimeo.

From the outside, A Room for a narcissist window displayer is designed in vertical stripes, a nod that introduces the public to what will happen inside. The entrance is, apparently like in any other store, although as a singularity, it has a series of doors on each side. On the other hand, in the background is a seductive curved wall, enclosing a mirror labyrinth.


A room for a narcissist, takes retail design towards an introspective and sensorial experience.


A series of columns order, like an exhibition gallery, the products for sale. Users are inmersed in constant reflection of themselves on the mirrors. It is possible to observe the product in the user’s body moving from all angles. An attractive way to understand how to conquer public. A vertical light baths up the entire final scene from an overhead skylight.

Materiality has been carefully selected in relation to the textile world. The walls and also general details are designed in felt and leather, while little touches of steel and backlit polycarbonate just give that contemporary look. The materials used on this project contribute to the sensitive journey experience through the entire store. Softness, roughness, and light, give product a starring role.



Lukstudio evokes, a possible metaphor to the artist Magritte’s hats, a surreal space. A shop that works as a gallery, where the product is exhibited like an art piece, unique and unrepeatable. A place that invites the user to get lost in themselves, and that generates an intense and introspective relationship between the user and the product.

habitacion-para-un-narcisista-a-room-for-a-narcissist-more-with-less-design-magazine-2Photos and video by : PROJECT|ION| motion picture production.