A tu vera, graphic image of involvement

Communication is no longer just text or images. There are thousands of elements more involved in this discipline. This is the essence of the true and unique story of Vera Ciria, a design management agency. She is an expert in the strategic creation of diverse forms of content that lead to genuine experiences, offering comfort and a sense of connection. This is reflective communication, taking into account the different angles in a project, a range of skills to achieve the best results.

Vera Ciria works exclusively with copywriting, something that involves much more than simply joining words and phrases. To take a concept and transform the idea into an attractive text that connects with the public, you have to take into account the final target, that is, people; carry out a previous research to understand the message and have a fine intuition to convey the style and values of the brand.

Vera Ciria and her studio A tu Vera have a new identity thanks to Griselda Martí

A message to transmit to the world, a set of values that define a brand, a recognizable style that connects with your target. A clear and concise brand strategy is the necessary foundation for advancement. The potential customer of this company is looking for solutions, someone who does things right. Vera is passionate about values, looking for the best way to make good communication and connect people. It is meticulous and professional, as well as insistent on details and organization.

“I remove heaven and earth and no effort is left short to shape your ideas and concepts. I guide and take you by the hand, looking for the best solutions, devising strategies and unique work processes to adapt to your needs. This is a broader view of communication that seeks to create inspiring experiences and discourses.”


Optimistic, energetic, intuitive and with great capacity to provide solutions and motivate teams. She has more than 7 years of experience working in communication projects and events for companies and entrepreneurs, both in-house and freelance.


This is the process followed by Vera Ciria, and has wanted to transmit its values through the redesign of its image, which has been commissioned by the graphic designer Griselda Martí.

The play on words “A tu vera” has been the concept that has guided Griselda in the design process. This expression plays with the name of the businesswoman, and is a simple and original answer that empathizes with the main characteristic of your business: commitment.