ABAL House-Studio by Benítez González Arquitectos


The Spanish firm Benítez González Arquitectos has recently completed their residential project, ABAL House-Studio in the historic capital of Granada, Spain. The uniquely designed residence aims to establish a modest balance between home life and work life by featuring spaces that actively complement one another.


ABAL House-Studio is conveniently located in residential environment in the historic city of Granada. The project challenges the preconceived ideas of domestic architecture by offering instead a central void, where the house itself is read from the inside out, rather than the other way round. It is understood from its patio; something which references Andalusian architecture- notably the Alhambra- where its palaces surround each patio, forming a harmonious coalesce between architecture and nature.


The manner in which ABAL House-Studio allows for cross-ventilation and shade, paired with contemporary heating and cooling construction system, is what makes this residential project stand out. The ABAL House-Studio is an isolated detached 2 floor abode that takes advantage of its build ability, resulting in a comfortable, sustainable and energy efficient house.


ABAL House-Studio completely redefines preconceived ideas of domestic architecture and spatial  layouts


Another key attribute of the ABAL House-Studio is its layout, which provides ample space for its inhabitants. The 130sqm house is built on a plot of 450sqm, and takes full advantage of its somewhat limited budget to allow for constructive improvements in insulation and air conditioning.


The building itself integrates seamlessly within its environment and landscape. A functional vertical relationship is successfully achieved. The construction of the ABAL House-Studio is executed through the means of a “skin” of continuous insulation, that is featured on its roof, façade and flooring. For this purpose, a 15cm exterior insulation system is integrated with a 20cm thick reinforced concrete slab walling. This highly efficient system, which is used both in façade and on the roof, provides a innovative solution. Furthermore, the air conditioning of the house if generated via geothermal energy, which is obtained through a well of 100m depth.