A’Design Award & Competition announces the best designs of 2017 – 2018

A’Design Award, the leading design competition on a global scale returns, as every year, with the aim of rewarding, by an academic and anonymous jury, any designer with a clear, original project, concept or product, from all countries and disciplines.

A’Design Award & Competition

This contest aims to encourage designers, companies and brands from all countries to present better products, services and systems that benefit humanity.

Today we present to you the 20 most outstanding winners of the A ‘Design Award, whose projects have given to talk about all over the world, guaranteeing at the same time a prestigious, fair and relevant competition in the future. The new edition will open the term soon. If you want to inform yourself to participate, click here.

Spot Multifunctional Sofa by Vinicius Lopes and Gabriela Kuniyoshi

The idea of ​​this unique sofa came from the perception of new ways of using space and the new habits of contemporary daily life, as well as the desire to stimulate human relationships, often forgotten, creating a cozy and functional atmosphere in the that everything happens and memories can be created. Spot combines materials and coatings that complement each other to create a cozy tactile environment, such as Freijo wood, leather-painted steel and knitted fabric.


Hug Armchair by Vinicius Lopes and Gabriela Kuniyoshi

This unique armchair was inspired by the act of embracing, full of emotion and the feeling of being welcome and safe, with the aim of providing a sense of tranquility. It offers a relaxation experience as an alternative to fast and stressful daily life. The objective was to develop a durable, extremely comfortable and resistant product that was also a more efficient alternative, made of wood, fiber or injection molding.



Iconic Cloud Chair Rocking Chair by Pia Weinberg – Maison Deux

The Iconic Cloud is part of a cloud to design a home and a life for children and parents alike. A world where two generations can live in harmony, instead of having their own specific products that are totally out of style and use. The solution is a design, made of solid oak and wool that will last for generations, welcoming children and adults.



The Dialogue by Evgenia Dymkina

As in a dialogue between people, there are two different positions: they change in time, but are connected to each other. This idea found its reflection in the design of the watch.


Martin Smart sofa by Guangzhou Seedland Real Estate Dlp

As an important part of the living room, the sofa is not only an appliance, but also an “environment” that makes people feel comfortable and relaxed. In addition, science shows that long-term sedentary lifestyle can damage the body. This sofa allows you to avoid smashing it, encouraging movement.


Picasso by Gerardo Ríos Altamirano

This Chaise Lounge belongs to the Picasso collection that tries to captivate the spectator’s view by surprising the unusual shapes and angles created from randomly chosen shapes. Its symmetry contrasts with the power of its unexpected forms. It is a piece of furniture that will surely attract the look and give a great personality to any space.



IMNU Wall Clock by Jara Freund

The architect Peter Zumthor designed the building based on a quarry and knowingly omits elements of entertainment such as slides or bubble baths. A bath experience is reduced to the essentials. Also, you will not find a clock on the wall, they are hidden in metal pipes that protrude from the floor. When you look at them you can read the time. IMNU is designed in such a way that it has a discrete nature and a subtle appearance.


Canela for Two by Knót Artesanal

The idea of Canela for Two came in part from the traditional Windsor chairs. Although it is completely modern and minimalist in its appearance, the copper back is reminiscent of a more traditional and omnipresent design, and is something that anyone can easily recognize.


Meditation Seat Ware Seat Ware by Gao Fenglin

This curved surface seat is designed so that people can easily sit cross-legged, with the idea of effectively distributing the strength of the buttocks of the human body evenly to the outside of the knee and thigh. Even if you stay in this position for a long time, we will not feel tired. This design is not only a reflection of the culture, but also a thorough study of ergonomics.


Little Bo Flower vase by Santiago Bautista

The intention of this product was to create a vase where the flower was not alien to the design, still being an essential part of the design itself. The flower becomes the head of this four-legged creature and defines a mutable personality.



Cocoon Lounge Chair by Tim Kwok

Cocoon Chair was inspired by the way in which the flower bud opened. This approach, pure mimicry, is the result of a detailed observation of nature and the human body, with the intention of expressing through this product the feeling of comfort and relaxation.


Boucle Bench by Ronald Sasson

The bank is inspired by the old wooden toys of the beginning of the last century, where small houses were assembled with superimposed pieces.


Exo by Svilen Gamolov

Inspired by the clean and minimalist shapes and lines of contemporary sculpture, as well as the philosophy of origami. It represents a simple idea, which adapts seamlessly to the internal environment and at the same time remains a unique design theme.


Kaung by Edo Santoso

Kaung comes from the word Kawung, a theme specially designed for the nobles in the old days. It has distinctive values, a perfect self-control and a clean heart. Developed in the Jogjakarta environment. With this philosophy, Kaung is expected to bring elegance and prestige to its user.

Tangram Stool por Kris Lin

Yan Cheng in the Ming Dynasty designed Butterfly Wing Table according to the principle of the drawing of YAN JI. A total of 13 pieces of different AN JI s triangles can be joined to form butterfly wings, to form more than one hundred types of shapes when separated from the wings. Tangeam is developed based on the drawing of YAN JI and the Butterfly Wing table.


Veizla Side Table Side Table by Per Ploug – Pemara Design

Due to the success of the Veizla dining room furniture, creating a side table was a logical continuation of the product line. The vision of the product line is to create informality with elegance. Encourage social interaction between people creating furniture that makes you feel welcome and committed.

ORIGAMI TABLE Kinetic table by Micaela Pignatelli & Ubaldo Occhinegro

ORIGAMI is an extendable table inspired by the ancient oriental technique of folding the paper called “Origami” that evokes, in its design, the folded surfaces of the paper: the origami theme is produced in the design of the table and in the design of the polygonal base.

Dodo by Mohammad Enjavi Amiri

Thinking about simplifying everyday products is the main idea of this unique autobiographical project, hence the shape of the cube.


eki clock Wall clock by Takenobu Igarashi

Takenobu Igarashi is the designer behind Big Clock of Stars, whose design hangs on the outer wall of the Sapporo station in Hokkaido, Japan, since 2003. He has also designed another clock on the east and west concourses of the same station, with the intention of facilitating reading and use for both public and private life.

Interstellar table Entrance Table by Fabrizio Constanza

The phrase things are not always what they seem is the main source of inspiration for this piece. When we look at the world, we make judgments about what we actually see, based on past experience. The composition invites the viewer to observe.

Soon, we will make a selection of the best projects awarded on April 15 of A ‘Design Award, meanwhile, we will closely follow this interesting and relevant contest. For more information on A ‘Design Award, click here.