Air-Ink, every drop of ink is made from air pollution

Air-Ink is a project born with a clear purpose: To fight against the evident fact of air pollution and contribute to a better environment, free of toxic waste.

Air pollution, it is a reality that we are facing from some years back. Humankind has gone too far abusing of massive mechanisms that has produced large amounts of toxic pollutants and has become the single largest environmental and human health threat in the entire human’s history.

The engineer and developer of the project, Anirudh Sharma, experienced in first-hand the effects of air pollution, while he was walking in Mumbai in 2013 and his clothes got stained black due to the amount of pollution in India’s air. It was after that trip when he came up with this creative and new idea of turning air pollution into ink.

The process used to extract the ink is a cylindrical device that fits onto a vehicle’s tailpipe that traps unburned carbon before is expelled into the air. From cars to motorbikes and even boats, for now. The device is called Kaalink and has developed at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and carried out by the startup, Graviky Labs, the company founded by the media lab student and founder of Air-ink, Anirudh Sharma.

“We’re taking something from the street and putting it back into the street in an inspiring and sustainable way” Sharma said.

At this time, Sharma is travelling around the world looking for smog-choked cities such as New York, London, Hong Kong or Berlin and spread the campaign for the product globally.

The campaign strategy is based on the collaborations of different artists creating billboard and murals all around the cities to promote the transformation of the ugliness of pollution into art street beauty.

Artists are the connectors between the company and the costumer, transmitting the message and the purpose of the product to the population. Due to this artistic and very intelligent campaign, Air-ink has established as a very popular product for the public, thanks for its beauty but also for its sustainable policy in a record time.

Many artists that have already tried the ink, like the illustrator Kristopher Ho in London, Buff Monster in New York or Bao Ho in Hong Kong and all agree that even though it is a very different type of material: the consistency, the colour, the appearance, the smell… it is a perfect ink for illustration purposes, pitch black, really thick and also dries incredibly quickly.

All of them concur that they are going to use it again. The team of More with Less we are looking forward to trying it!