Alan Backpack, agile accessory for the daily life in the city

Alan Backpack is a backpack made by the Ucon Acrobatics brand. The studio of this brand is settled in Berlin-Friedichshain. Place where art follows the ambient. Its main phylosophy is create products allowed to travel and explore the corners of the world. It is defined as modern, functional and overall, minimalists.

Let’s talk about Alan Backpack. Externally, we only see an appearance soft and light. Where there are any pockets outside and the color is fully flat. Without any contrast or something that disturbs the mind. The first to highlight is its closing. Enrolled in itself, without any kind of tying or something like that. To close it well, it works with magnets, which ensures the well closure.

The back part is made with Pet, and reinforced with a fill of foam to make the contact with the back more light and comfortable. On the other hand, even the low part and the laterals, are cushion to maintain them the structure of the backpack and don’t lose the stability. The tights are cushioned too, as the back, with a metallic buckles. One detail to remark is how appears the ‘Uno Acrobatics’ brand, that is made of vegan leather.

Alan Backpack is a backpack that is based in the facility and mobility of the urban life people, in the day by day of each of us

What takes the interior of Alan Backpack, we talk about the capacity. It can be filled by a laptop of 15’’ inside it. Even it doesn’t have any outside pocket , inside it has one to have in hands the objects more personals and more used. In total, the capacity of this bag is 12L, with only a weight of 780g.

To remark the last, in Alan Backpack the main material is durable polyester. Reinforced mostly with reflective material, if it is used at night or going by bike, and at the same time impermeable to protect well the objects of the interior and don’t dry them in days of rain or even in any other occasion that it could be dry.