Albania House by OOIIO Architects


How does one build a house? Hows does one design the house to make it special and unique while making it personal for a family? The Spanish firm OOIIO Architecture aimed to answer these questions with their recently finished project, Albania House.


In this single-family house project, OOIIO Architects references and applies the “paranoiac-critical” method used by Salvador Dalí and other Surrealist architects. This served as the starting point of the design; after understanding the needs and requirements of the clients, site, and regulations, the imagination was left to run wild in search for a poetic link that formed part of their lives and that they identified as something different yet suggestive.


Albania House deconstructs traditional approaches to house design by referencing its design to the windmills of La Mancha 


The plot of the project is located on the outskirts of the city, in a quiet residential area just where the countryside crosses over to the urban, in La Mancha, Ciudad Real. This design approach led OOIIO Architects to seek inspiration from the La Mancha windmills- a traditional massive construction that emerges so strikingly in the landscape of the surrounding area, as a large cylindrical body that plays with the sunlight and the wind. The simple shape and architecture is a resulting combination of vertical lines of the white cylinder along with the diagonal of its blades and inclined roof.



Albania House is an abstraction of all this. As Dalí would see human faces on the rocks of his coastal hometown of Cadaques, OOIIO Architects wanted to suggest windmills in a contemporary single-family house. The house resembles a deconstructed and then reconstructed windmill, creating a strong link to the local culture.