Alce, vanguard and minimalism for Missana

Alce is the latest release to add the collection The Novelties of the company Missana. A collection of sofas resulted from the first collaboration between Chris Hardy, one of the most prominent designers in Australia. And the Spanish furniture company located in Valencia: Missana. 


The pure aesthetic of Alce is centered in the use of simple lines and soft curves for its rounded forms. Each component that conforms this design is clearly different to the rest of its pieces. But the designer, Chris Hardy, has made sure that all sides perfectly complement each other, despite their differences.

Alce, a striking and attractive product characterized by great simplicity, elegance and personalization of the design.

 Alce is composed of two very differentiated elements. On the one hand, we have the parts that form the back and seat, upholstered parts that provide the user with great comfort. And on the other hand, the structure that surrounds the product, this element provides the design of great character by using a thin and striking metal rod. Elements very different in form, material and function, but together they create the perfect compensation for this product.


Alce is a modern collection, perfect for any contract project. A very versatile product thanks to the wide variety of possibilities offered with single, two and three seat sofas available in different sizes.


To finish the development of the product have been used fabrics Beans of Febrik, with a magnificent texture in the colors gray and graphite Which combine perfectly with the metal structure lacquered in bronze, and its representative legs in the shape of an antler, to which the product owes its name: Alce.

Chris Hardy has achieved to create a piece of vamguardism and minimalist aesthetics. An incredibly attractive product for its color, textures and its striking shape.


Photograph: Alfred Cromback