Alchemist Mykonos, a sanctuary of materiality

Alchemist Mykonos is situated in the heart of Chora, in Mykonos, Greece. The design of the Kois Associated Architects studio creates a transition space between the exterior and the main part of the Alchemist store.


The project is characterized by very strong traditional architectural conditions, giving rise to a geometry that dominates the space. A central stone arch divides the room in two and at the same time, on the façade opposite the entrance, two doors with original marble frames give access to the Alchemist shop.


Alchemist Mykonos consists of an existing shell, mute, which is presented as a blank canvas where the architectural design of Kois Stelios, the main architect of the project. The composition of the space rests on raw volumes of white marble, installed randomly throughout the room. The feeling that the great blocks of marble generate is a mixture of austerity, silence and controlled opulence.


The idea of ​​the project was to design a pure space, with lots of light, maintaining the classical spirit of Greek tradition, a whole set that dialogues with the visitor. Alchemist Mykonos is the right exercise between proportion, mass and lightness. The clogging of some of the existing marble porticoes with the same material, this time quartered and arranged differently, seems an allusion to the works of the Greek artist Jannis Kounellis.



Alchemist Mykonos has part of sanctuary of materiality and part of temple of simplicity. The project maintains the atmosphere that surrounds the works of art, being art the marble itself, metal or fabric



The contrast between the black metallic floor, as a stage, with the marble pieces is sought. The architectural envelope, all white and smooth, contrasts with the texture of marble, broken in some places. Both are part of that white background where metal lines in black, both horizontal and vertical, meet in a discreet way their function as exhibitors of garments or as luminaires.


In Alchemist Mykonos, the product is placed on marble pedestals, with the same protagonism the scenography that accompanies as the product itself.



The experience is completed with rough and scorched wood textures in dark color. In addition, the spatial perception is enriched by the use of an interactive installation, based on horizontal screens hanging over the ceiling and the reflection of the images of the screens on mirrors. This illusory perception of images offers an abstract and distorted representation of digital reality.



Photograph by Giorgos Sfakianakis.