Alpina collection, geometric simplicity by RIES

Alpina collection uses straight lines and negative space to create very attractive pieces for their formal simplicity.colección-Alpina-RIES_03-650x417

The Alpina collection designed by RIES group based in Buenos Aires looking for the simplicity of form through geometric shapes. Looking differentiate, the project was conceived without order, without thinking beforehand manufacturer, seeking creative freedom.


Made in a small workshop with basic tools, the Alpina collection uses straight lines and the absence of volumes to shape a family of furniture composed of a desk, a chair, a table and a shelf.


Alpina plays with negative space in its forms, creating visual pieces of little visual weight, though the geometrical shape and the materials provided to each item in the collection of a great structural rigidity.




All items are made using the same technique. A frame built from steel bars of square section and the use of materials like wood or leather laminda to create surfaces rack.