Meet the new trends of design in Ambiente 2019 at Frankfurt

Design, furniture, decoration, fashion and jewelry meet at Messe Frankfurt, the most important event venue in the world, during the Ambiente fair that will open the doors to the best international products from February 8th to 12th of 2019. A huge offer of consumer goods and home supplies turn Ambiente into the global reference for companies and professionals. In addition, this 2019 environment year will be featured by India, which has been invited by the Netherlands, and will offer a special exhibition on its great cultural and artisan wealth. International investors will be able to get in touch with the main manufacturers and distributors of their textile industry and high quality artisan products.

ambient products

Ambiente doesn’t just join the best exhibitors but it offers a great amount of original congresses, events, stagings, award ceremonies and help to emerging young people. Its Talents initiative brings to young talents the necessary exhibition space for their products to break into the actual market for free if their submission has been selected previously (which process was closed past October). Also, technological companies will present the digital integration in the furniture world to offer the consumer a new experience. At Point Experience new forms of personalized customer service will be exposed virtually, the infinite possibilities in interior design thanks to augmented reality and much more.

ambiente talents

“Exhibitors from almost 90 countries establish in Ambiente trends beyond the year 2019”

As Erdmann Kilian says, press chief of the fair, Ambiete wants to show the “trends for beyond the year 2019”. In 2018, the fair joint 4,376 exhibitors from 88 countries around the world that was a great view of the current innovations and references in consumer goods and home supplies sectors during the five days of the fair. This edition many more participants are expected thanks to the inclusion of India in the fair and the expansion of the exhibition space. In addition, there will be a ceremony where India will invite the next year host to open new relations with Germany and the rest of Europe’s neighbors.

ambiente congress