amimanera, a new home-kitchen concept by María Peña

Has anyone ever thought about a kitchen without walls?  A kitchen that is a piece of furniture and a space on its own? how about a kitchen converted into a little home? AMIMANERA is a project done for the subject of Product Design by a student of Interior Design Degree from the School of Architecture (ETSAM) of Madrid, Spain. Designed by María Peña Carrasco, AMIMANERA is a modular kitchen based on simple and functional shapes that frames the cooking area and separates it  from the other home spaces.

From the beginning,  the designer  wanted to bring the kitchen into the “heart of the home”  making the act of cooking an individual feeling: the feeling of being home. 


The project consists of a structure based upon simple shapes, in the shape of  a little  wooden house. It is based on a frame system consisting of standard sized wooden beams and both polycarbonate and wooden boards that let the viewer see the internal functional construction.

amimanera makes the act of cooking an individual feeling, the feeling of being home


More and more people want to make their own home solutions, modular systems makes it easy to suit their own needs. This project is composed of a set of 60cm modular kitchen units specific for each use: preparing, storing, refrigerating, washing…  AMIMANERA offers everything you need to build your ideal kitchen.