House addition in Bigues

house-in-bigues-casa-en-bigues-more-with-less-221This project of the house addition in Bigues, the work of the Sauquet Arquitectes I Associats studio, is located in the small town of Bigues i Riells in was included in a government plan for the construction of fifteen “cheap houses” in the small town of Bigues i Riells in Catalonia.
house-in-bigues-casa-en-bigues-more-with-less-22The original house had an area of 40 square meters and consisted of a small single-storey building covered by a gable roof, located on a small plot, near a stream and surrounded by great vegetation.
house-in-bigues-casa-en-bigues-more-with-less-1Currently, the house is one of the few that still has a height of one floor, although in 2003 the ground floor was extended.
house-in-bigues-casa-en-bigues-more-with-less-26The project of the house addition in Bigues adds a new level that occupies 2/3 of the preexisting building, leaving visible part of the old roof.

The new volume of the house addition in Bigues has a minimum curved staircase, repeating the shape of the roof of the two floors adding an opening to generate contact with the sky.

house-in-bigues-casa-en-bigues-more-with-less-2The shape of the roof and the color white are characteristics that unite the new part of the house with the old.


house-in-bigues-casa-en-bigues-more-with-less-8On the contrary, the texture of the manual brick allows the recognition of the extension maintaining a fragile balance between mimicry and distinction.

house-in-bigues-casa-en-bigues-more-with-less-4Inside the extension of the house in Bigues, the first floor is divided into 4 spaces following a transversal arrangement, three of which are rooms.


Each room takes advantage of the central height of the roof with attics, some of them used by children.

house-in-bigues-casa-en-bigues-more-with-less-18The structure has solid brick walls and wooden paneling ceilings.
house-in-bigues-casa-en-bigues-more-with-less-11To compensate for the cork insulation placed inside the walls, the partition walls  in the house addition in Bigues are made of solid bricks in vertical position that guarantees the thermal inertia inside the house.


Photography:  José Hevia