Annular pedant Light, geometric shapes in lighting

by | 30 June 2020 | product

Annular pedant Light, is a ceiling lamp designed by the MSDS studio . A Canadian studio that is characterized by its great multicysplinary aspect realizing projects of interiorism together with the creation of new products. Always looking for innovation in shapes and methods of production. The lamp is produced by Woud. A brand of Danish product design that promotes the use of new materials and the creation of designs with innovative forms.

Annular pedant light, achieves the complete balance in a luminaire. A perfect ring of light located above any desk with a directional light, or on a product to enhance its character.

Annular pendant light has a great influence of simple geometric forms along with the most innovative LED lighting technology

A simple and minimalist design, potentialized through the use of a form as classic as a cone. Together with an unexpected light source, located on its lower perimeter. This innovative form of light is possible thanks to its design and the use of LED lighting. The light form is arranged in the form of a ring. Through this form is intercalated between two metal cones of different sizes that are stacked one on another.

For the design of Annular Pendant Light, the MSDS studio was investigating on metal lights and the use of diffusers. Finally to improve the viability in the production they chose to use LED technology as it offered them more possibilities as far as contemporary forms are concerned.

In the production of Annular pendant Light the study opted for the use of notched aluminum for its conical shapes. A very light material with many possibilities in terms of color customization with soft pastel tones. Subtle colors that generate great visual appeal in any interior space, whether for use in offices or at home.

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