Anti x Telenor. Changing the look of mobile operators companies

Anti the Norwegian multidisciplinary design and publicity agency, has established as one of Norway’s biggest and international agencies. Anti has built a strong partnership with Telenor. The agency has developed the new concept for Telenor one of the biggest mobile operators in Scandinavian countries and with a historical legacy over 160 years old.


Last April Telenor launched the campaign Telenor yng, a service that aimed to reach those people born in the digital era.

To achieve it, Anti wanted to go beyond the classical marketing traps, using the concept “unbranding” as a fundament and creating a visual identity based on a simple and direct layout and compositions that would stick to the visual elements to the bare essentials.

The agency created a strong appealing concept for the new campaign using minimalistic assets in order to shape the visual identity.

“Unbranding as a fundament”

The typography brings clarity to the character of the overall design identity, stripping out all the pretentiousness on the type. By applying a monospaced typography, gives a digital appearance and a contemporary impression of the branding. The blank spaces on the layouts and the typography unforced minimalist approach and emphases the protagonist of both elements: type and blank areas.

Referring to the photography and the art direction, Anti has stock to a conscious unpolished photography. Photos reflect daily life situations and youth interactions in a dynamic and casual way.

The presence of cold filters and beige tones palette adds to a classic Scandinavian style to the design.

The photographies and compositions speak more to the customer than the iconography. The minimalist appliance of icons used to sell the service leaves space for the photography that empowers the values of the company.

In conclusion, Anti and Telenor has built a strong partnership that brings a new modern perspective that challenges the standard identities of mobile operators.