Carla Enchelmaier expresses opposites with AntiTHESE

Carla Enchelmaier is a student of industrial design at the School of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein of Halle, Germany. Last semester she decided to take a project of the interior design specialty (that is possible in this school) which aimed to develop a stackable chair.


This stackable chair with a moulded beech plywood seat and steel legs is called AntiTHESE. Carla Enchelmaier wants to express opposites with AntiTHESE. Seat shell and framework are creating an antithesis by contrasting each other in material, surface and form.

Organic forms and the essence of the modern movement together in AntiTHESE chair



At first glance the most surprising thing of this chair is the contrast that offers the organic form of the seat with the structure of the legs, with an essence of the modern movement, basic and functional shapes and the absence of decorative aspects.


The framework is made out of a base form of laser cut steel sheet metal. A stabile chair is established by seven angles and four short welds. The construction stands out by its’ good stackability, small stacking height, minimal leftover material and low weight.

AntiTHESE_more_with_less_03 AntiTHESE_more_with_less_02

Dimensions: 500 x 450 x 800mm