Ap Cobogó, a restoration with a personal identity

ap-cobogo-renovacion-apartamento-apartment-renovation-more-with-less-12Ap Cobogó, is a small dwelling, more precisely an apartment, it is located in Sao Paulo city, the Brazil’s financial capital. The renovation of this space has been carried out by the architect  Alan ChuThe name of ap Cobogó is given by the use of ceramic blocks, characteristic from Brazilian modernity, used by Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer, most known referents of this worldwide movement. They were able to adapt the identity of the traditional construction, to the european modern movement.ap-cobogo-renovacion-apartamento-apartment-renovation-more-with-less-1The project is resolved with a simple main plant, that does not cover more square meters than what needs a suite, a living room, anoter bedroom and kitchen. However, each space seems to be successively connected by white planes with different textures that run throughout the whole work.ap-cobogo-renovacion-apartamento-apartment-renovation-more-with-less-8

Ap Cobogó brings in a contemporary key, the reminiscent of its architectural roots

ap-cobogo-renovacion-apartamento-apartment-renovation-more-with-less-10The use of traditional lattice enables a sifted lighting, that advances dimly in space. It also provides transparency and lightness in the connection of the different areas. There is in this work a sense of freshness that seems to seep through between the hollowed walls.ap-cobogo-renovacion-apartamento-apartment-renovation-more-with-less-6The furniture in the apartment is specially designed for this restoration, also made by the studio itself. The rustic aesthetics far from being austere, brings a comforting sense of calm, a place of silence against the bustle of the city.ap-cobogo-renovacion-apartamento-apartment-renovation-more-with-less-5The designers of this apartment have choosen a neutral color palette and materials in its natural state. That indicates an atypical imaginary for the habitual carioca image of the country. The colorful green of the outside, enters stealthy by the windows. Prevailing in space, a light and peaceful atmosphere.ap-cobogo-renovacion-apartamento-apartment-renovation-more-with-less-7The architect Alan Chu, gives to Ap Cobogó, a timeless renovation, the design language adapts cohesively in the work, with a delicate visual consistency in each space, dynamizes the comprehension of the place and gives permanence to tradition.

Photos by Djan Chu.